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EP Review – Prostitute’s Handbag – Tingle in the Netherlands

Like Monty Python used to say, and now for something completely different

My first ever EP review…

I’ve chosen  an unexpected genre:  Electronica/Synth pop. Because back in the day, I was the proud owner of a Korg DW8000 which I learnt to programme. However, the main reason I’ve chosen to write this post is because I liked what I heard and thought others would too.

A little bit about the band first. The cleverly named Tingle in the Netherlands are a Manchester duo, composed of poet Helên T and electronic musician Owen J.  In their Facebook page, they describe their genre as electronica/wonky synth pop.  There’s nothing wonky about their music though.

The EP gets to a great start with the title track, Prostitute’s Handbag, with its clever minimalistic lyrics and cool beat.  You must pay attention to the lyrics, for they are part of the song’s quirky charm. Its chorus, will get stuck in your head like a broken record. Not a bad thing, and if the lyrics make you smile whilst you sing along, then even better.

Next is I Lost my Heart to a Starship Cleaner, which made me think of Erasure,  Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys all rolled into one, but with a female singer. Again, the lyrics are mad genius.

A Forest of Cocks,  with its 80′s inspired intro, has a fantastic  narrative that is pure surreal poetry. This, along with the last song, Mammals, are probably my favourites, though I like them all. Mammals is another great mix of atmospheric synths , effects and surreal facts.

Cool, atmospheric, witty, clever, poetic, funny and demented. This is definitely an EP you ought to check out if you like Erasure, Kraftwerk, New Order, Yazoo and others.  It’s tons of fun with no doom and gloom or heavy preachy lyrics.

Here’s a taster video…

If you like what you heard, you’ll be happy to know the band’s  first full length album is scheduled for release in 2012 with record label www.nervecho.com which is  also where you can purchase this EP and the brilliantly witty single The Housewife’s Lament which takes a well-known cliché and gives it a whole new feel that will make you smile. I meant to also say the Atomizer remix of Prostitute’s Handbag is also awesome and worth checking out as well.


Coming up later this week will be another EP review as well as the usual posts with upcoming gigs, and a few reviews I’ve been meaning to post but have been unable to due to a combination of computer problems and time constraints.

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A Musical Journey – 1979

Image by Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1979 – Gary Numan’s Cars

Cars, with its iconic synth sound was the one song that made me aware there was more to rock music than drums, bass and guitar.  The track,  from Gary Numan’s Pleasure Principle, was released as a single in August 1979. It became a number one hit in the UK and a Top Ten hit in the US,  rising to number 9 there.

Years later, I was the proud owner of a Korg DW-8000 synth which I learnt to programme, though my main instrument was always bass.  When I placed an advert in a local music magazine to start a band, I came face to face with musicians who wanted nothing to do with synthesisers.  Their opinion that synths were not ‘real’ instruments always puzzled me.

As an artist, you must keep an open mind and learn to evolve with the times, if not, you will become stagnant, and how can you create if you’re stuck?

Most of you should be familiar with this song, if you’re not, have a listen. I wanted to use the original video, but YouTube isn’t allowing embedding for it…


This is the first of a series of posts discussing music, year by year. I bet you cannot figure out what year comes next…