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Gig Review – Some Weird Sin – Dedwardians/Purson – Buffalo Bar – 28 June 2013

As you  go down the steps leading to the Buffalo Bar, you feel the change in  atmosphere, from the buzz of people and traffic along Upper Street, to a chilled out area with colourful decor and dim lighting that is soothing to the eyes.  By the time I arrived, around 9:30pm, the place was busy, with the crowd enjoying an eclectic DJ set that included Iggy Pop, the Damned and many other great tunes, including the classic Motorcade by Magazine.

Dedwardians © 2013 Caz Hellbent

The first band of the night was Dedwardians. The four piece played a fiery set with punk and rockabilly influences.  They were tight, with a good original sound, and had a great front man in Paul Gautrey, whose energetic stage presence, had him covered in sweat by the end of the set. An excellent band to watch and listen to, with catchy uptempo songs that ooze a masculine swagger. Definitely check them out if you get a chance. You will not be disappointed.

Dedwardians © 2013 Caz Hellbent

Please be sure to check out the band’s Facebook page here.

If Dedwardians exuded a fiery rock’n’roll energy. Purson, with their cool arty brand of rock were a complete contrast. The differences between bands were like night and day, but both were outstanding at what they do.

Purson © 2013 Caz Hellbent

The room was packed by the time Purson took to the stage. They had a great look, with a 70s glam influence, with a bit of gothic influence mixed in, not really surprising since lead singer’s Rosalie Cunningham’s voice reminded me of Siouxsie Sioux.

Purson © 2013 Caz Hellbent

The band played a set of intricate songs, with a layered sound that had hints of 70s progressive rock,  as well as glam, and gothic undertones. Arty head rock done well.  The audience loved them, and stomped their feet asking for an encore, which they did get.

Please check out their Facebook page here.

This was a great night of music, with two very different bands. I’d recommend both of them, though they are very different in musical styles. My favourites were Dedwardians because I tend to prefer that fiery brand of rock, but Purson were absolutely fantastic as well.

The next Some Weird Sin, promises to be as outstanding as ever, with Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls, doing a DJ set and great bands like The Hip Priests (who I recently saw at the Pipeline, and are my next gig review), as well as the fantastic Ricky C Quartet  who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing more than once so don’t miss it!

Lastly, I want to thank Caz Hellbent for letting me use some of her fantastic photographs from the night.

Gig Reviews – Voices at the Boogaloo – 15 May ’13

Voices at the boogaloo

On my previous post, I mentioned several great music nights around London, including Voices at the Boogaloo. This monthly singer/songwriter showcase, ran by Zachery Stephenson, has been going for four years and is a great introduction to upcoming and established artists, who each perform a set of three songs of their choice.

If you have never been to the Boogaloo, which is located in leafy residential Highgate, you are missing out. This legendary bar oozes a fantastic rock’n’roll atmosphere everywhere you look. Unfortunately, I arrived later than planned, and missed the first couple of performers, but I was lucky to catch a great set by Mila Falls, a charismatic performer with her own sound and a great personality, her musical style reminded me in passing of Amy Winehouse. Next was Declan Guckian, who played us a lovely mellow, folk-influenced acoustic set and was a talented guitarist and songwriter.

For a total change of musical styles, we had Rajiv, who treated us to a fantastic soulful R & B influenced set, the kind you don’t hear often but should.  Another change of genres took place when the rocking Josh Gosling  took to the stage and played a great set of covers on his electric guitar, including a fine rendition of Hendrix’s Purple Haze, that Hendrix himself, would have been proud of.  After Josh, we had Craig Elliot, who played quirky acoustic rock, with its own unique sound that is hard for me to describe as he didn’t sound like anyone I’ve heard before, and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.

15 May Voices

One of my favourite performers of the night,  Bill Orrick,  came next. He played a brilliant set and had a vocal and musical style that reminded me of the great Jeff Buckley.  Next came Switcher, consisting of electric bass, acoustic guitar and percussion,  who treated us to a great catchy set. After Switcher, we were in for a surprise, when the talented Jo Melo took to the stage, playing piano whilst singing an outstanding beautiful set of songs.

After Jo, came Long Tall Mick who played guitar and harmonica, and had his own style with a country rock influence to it that was perfect for the Boogaloo, definitely one of my favourites as well.  Last but not least,  the lovely Amy Fox finished the night with a beautiful song, would have loved to hear more from her.

Apologies to any performers I may have missed mentioning due to me arriving later than planned.

In short, this was a great night, with a diverse group of performers, who played a variety of genres to suit a vast range of tastes. Definitely recommend you attend the next Voices. Entry is only £2,  a fantastic deal for such an outstanding night of music so you really cannot go wrong. The next Voices will be Wednesday 20 June 2013 so be sure to attend and support local music.

To keep up with future nights and updates, go to the Facebook page here, and give it a like whilst you’re at it.  If you click on any of the artist’s names on this post, you will also be taken to their own pages/websites. (Apologies to Amy, as I was unable to find a page for her.)

Upcoming Gigs – London Night Outs

As my previous post spoke of a great club night that happened this past Saturday 4 May,  I thought I’d also mention several established great music nights that you should definitely check out:

Club Stuntfox

Club StuntfoxClub Stuntfox was set up in 2010 by Piers Miller and it’s still running strong. It’s a great showcase for up and coming artists, as well as established ones playing some great acoustic sets and it’s free entry as well. The next one is at Aces and Eights in Tufnell Park, this Thursday 9 May, featuring Tom Horn of The Rock Rangers, Danny Fury who fronts Tango Pirates (and played in Lords Of The New Church) and Trident Waters.  To check out the Facebook event page for more details, go here.

Some Weird Sin

Some Weird Sin

Launched in 2012, Some Weird Sin has become a great place to see up and coming bands, as well as featuring some brilliant DJs. The next one is Friday 24th May at the Buffalo Bar, featuring Giuda‘s only UK performance, the show is almost sold out! Check Facebook’s event page here for more details.



Garageland was launched in 2011 and showcases up and coming ’77 style punk rock and garage bands, as well as DJs spinning punk/garage classics.  It takes place on the second Friday of every month.  Entry is free but donations are kindly welcome to enable promoters to look after bands/DJs.  The next one is Friday 10 May at The Unicorn in Camden for their 2nd anniversary gig featuring The Mobbs, Kid Slug and Wake Up Dead. For more details, go to the Facebook event page here.

Voices at The Boogaloo

Voices at the Boogaloo

Voices at The Boogaloo is another great singer-songrwiter night, launched in 2011. Happens on the third Wednesday of every month at The Boogaloo, and showcases some of London’s best singer-songwriters and new talent. It is also free entry. The next one will be on Wednesday 15 May.

The line-up so far is as follows:
Craig Elliot
Jo Melo
Mila Falls
Josh Gosling
Bill Orrick
Zachery Stephenson (host)

Upcoming Gigs – Loose Lips – 4 May 2013

Loose Lips

If you were in  London between 1987-1991 , you may remember a popular  club night called Loose Lips which was started by Sue and Fiona in 1987  on Wardour Street. Later on, the night relocated to various venues around Soho.

Loose Lips became known for pioneering new music coming out of the thriving underground scene, and was also a popular hang out for well-known musicians, such as Lemmy, Nasty Suicide, The Black Crowes and Izzy Stradlin amongst many others.

During its four to five years of existence, it also showcased many up and coming bands, such as Gunfire Dance , Kill City Dragons  and The Stuntcocks,  which featured  Les Riggs and Timo Kaltio (Cheap and Nasty), Rene Berg, Danny Garcia (The Rise and Fall of The Clash), Jim Bishop as well as  Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, Lords of the New Church, Tango Pirates) Ronnie Rocka and Darrel Bath, to name but a few of the many musicians who took part in these great unrehearsed jam sessions in the true spirit of rock’n’roll.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, the reason for this post, isn’t to reminisce about the good old times, but to let you all know Loose Lips is back again, for one night on Saturday 4 May at the Archangel in Kensington, London.

Two great musical acts are playing:

Tango Pirates who I have written about on this blog twice.  The band features former Lords of the New Church and Kill City Dragons members Danny Fury and Dave Tregunna, as well as lead guitarist Timo Kaltio (Cheap and Nasty).

Next on the bill  will be  Nick Marsh  (Flesh for Lulu) who also plays lead guitar with the Urban Voodoo Machine and has recently released a solo album (A Universe Between Us)

The fun starts at 8PM and goes on until 3AM so be sure to attend! Entry is only £4 which is a fantastic deal for a great night out in London.

To keep up to date with any upcoming news, and to share your own memories of Loose Lips (and photos if you have any) please go like their Facebook page here.

To give you a teaser of what you can look forward to on the night:

A live video from Tango Pirates performing their song Dark Star (about the legendary  Stiv Bators)

Title track from Nick Marsh’s solo album A Universe Between Us.

EP Review – Tango Pirates – Back on Track

Tango Pirates - Back on Track

If you’ve been following my blog, you will recognise the name of Tango Pirates from my October 2012 review of their gig at The Unicorn in Camden. As I mentioned on that very post, the band’s musical credentials are impressive and do not disappoint. The names of Danny Fury, Dave Tregunna and Timo Kaltio will strike a chord with music lovers familiar with bands such as Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Sham69, Vain, and Cheap and Nasty amongst many others. If you’ve not seen them live, ‘ Back on Track’  is a great way to introduce you to the band.

The EP gets to a rocking start, with ‘Monster in my DNA’, an outstanding track with a memorable guitar riff,  funky bass line and meaningful lyrics. Front man Danny Fury has a perfect  rock’n’roll voice, raw, powerful and tinged with emotion. The song has an anthemic hook that will get stuck in your head, and for a good reason, this is a perfectly crafted rock song.

‘Legends of the Free’  holds on to the electrifying energy from DNA, and blasts ahead in epic proportions from start to finish. It has a touch of gothic rock with a modern twist, keeping the song grounded in the present, and features hypnotic background vocals with a psychedelic Eastern feel to them,  an explosive guitar solo by guitarist Timo Kaltio and great witty lyrics.

The pace slows down for the beautifully mellow ‘Lament to the Moon’ a gorgeous song, with heartfelt touching lyrics and bluesy guitar licks, which highlight the band’s vast range of influences and talent.

‘Ghost’ is another excellent track with powerful lyrics.  Do not let the funky bluesy mellow feel of it fool you, for it also features another great sing-along hook and a catchy rock riff transition.

Last but not least, ‘Deed is Done’ is a great song with a soulful intro which soon picks up speed, turning into another anthemic rock track with a strong chorus that will leave you wanting more.  It’s a perfect finishing touch on a brilliant EP full of heartfelt and passionate songs.

‘Back on Track’ is not only an excellent introduction to a band that deserves to reach a larger audience out there, but also proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that Danny Fury belongs at the front of the stage, much like another well-known drummer turned frontman by the name of Dave Grohl.

Tango Pirates are:

Danny Fury – Vocals
Timo Kaltio – Guitar
Dave Tregunna – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Vera Wild – Bass / Backing Vocals
Steve Grainger – Drums / Backing Vocals

Check out and like their Facebook page here.

To give you a taste, here’s the outstanding ‘Legends of the Free’

CD Review – The Ladykillers – Introducing The Ladykillers

Introducing the Ladykillers

Introducing The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers were one of the first bands I reviewed on this blog in June last year. Not too long ago, I had the good fortune of catching them again, when they played Garageland,  a great club night at The Unicorn in Camden, where I found out that they had released a debut album that is worthy of your attention.

The band’s ten track release, Introducing the Ladykillers, begins with ‘Hold On’, an energetic tune with a choppy chunky guitar riff,  contagious sing along chorus and a driving beat that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The electrifying pace continues, one track after another, with no dull songs  or duds.  If you aren’t dancing or at least jumping around your room by the time the album’s  last track ‘Back Again’, comes on, you are either deaf or dead.

Full of energetic upbeat songs with catchy guitar riffs, pounding drums and sing-along choruses and a style reminiscent of The Hives, ‘Introducing The Ladykillers’ is a great promising debut.

Hold on tight…

To give you a taste, here’s the band’s latest video.

If you like what you hear, please go like their Facebook page here.

Gig review – MAID of ACE – The Unicorn 9 March 2013


One of the best things about going to as many gigs as I go to,  is the unexpected discovery of new bands that stand out from the mundane rest. This was the case last night, when I attended the most recent Punk’n’Roll Rendez Vous night at Camden’s The Unicorn to catch another great gig by Healthy Junkies, who have become one of my favourite bands to see live since I reviewed them on this blog back in October 2012.

I arrived later than planned, but fortunately,  in time to catch MAID of ACE, and I am so glad I did.  The band, who describe themselves as an ‘all- girl all- sistah punk/rock band from southcoast dirty hastings’ on their Facebook page, consist of Amy on bass, Alison on vocals and guitar, Abby on drums and Anna on guitar.

Rocking out with kick-arse punkish energy, they put on a fantastic energetic show, performing some great punk songs.  From where I stood, I had a great view of Abby on drums, watching her play, made me wish I’d given drums a chance, not that I regret chosing bass as my instrument. The entire band was great to watch and listen to. Definitely recommend you go check them out if you can, I know I will next time they’re in London.

If you’re local to Hastings, you can catch them Saturday 6th April at Flairz Venue Bar.

Two great videos below…

Radio – The Dark Heart of Camden – Wednesdays on TBFM Online


If you have good taste in music and would rather listen to talented musicians and great songs, instead of the current rubbish saturating the mainstream,  I have something to share with you all, and you don’t even have to be local to London, or England for that matter…

The Dark Heart of Camden,  which I only recently discovered myself not too long ago, is  an internet radio show that is broadcast on TBFM Online. every Wednesday, from 9pm to 12am (UK time) – This great show is  hosted by the witty Dave Renegade, who showcases artists from all over the world.

You can listen to the next broadcast, this coming Wednesday 6th March, if you click here -  where you can also join the chatroom if you’re feeling social.  If not, you’ll still get to hear some great music that you may not have heard before, and some old favourites.

Showtimes, if you live abroad:
10pm-1am Central European Time
11pm-2am Eastern European Time
1pm-4pm Pacific Standard Time
3pm-6pm Central Standard Time
4pm- 7pm Eastern Standard Time

I hope you’ll give it a listen…and continue to support real talent out there…

You can also join the Facebook group where you will get  updates, as well as upcoming gigs and new releases from the artists you’ve heard on the show.

Gig review – 16 Hole Boots – The Wheelbarrow 24 Feb 2013

16 hole boots

It’s not often one is fortunate enough to catch a band at their first gig. It’s even better,  when said band sounds as if they’ve been together for years, instead of just a few months. This was exactly the case, when I attended the first gig by 16 Hole Boots at The Wheelbarrow in Camden, this past Sunday, 24 February.

A bit about the band first. Formed in late 2012, 16 Hole Boots consists of front man Richey, who also plays guitar. Guitarist Alex. Bassist James and Drummer Damian. They’ve recorded a few demos with Marc Waterman (Elastica/Ride producer), which you can listen to, if you go to their BandPage here.

Their Facebook page lists a large amount of musical influences, from The Velvet Underground to the New York Dolls,  as well as The Smiths, The Who,  Bowie, Pink Floyd and Julian Cope amongst others. It is this diversity that explains their unique sound.  I couldn’t tell you who they reminded me of,  because I don’t think their sound can be compared to anyone in particular, though at times, Richey’s vocal style,  was reminiscent in passing, to the great Julian Cope.

The songs were also, not your standard 3 minutes tunes. Instead, we were treated to longer songs, which were eclectic, intricate well-crafted pieces of music, with a pinch of psychedelia, Brit pop, as well as 80s influences all mixed in to create something quirky and unique.

A great promising start, and a breath of fresh air from the usual dose of indie bands that are virtually indistinguishable from each other.  It is good to see there are musicians out there, willing to experiment to create something unlike what you may have heard before.

If you’re curious, and I hope you are, you have another chance to catch them live, tomorrow, Friday 1 March at Bar Solo. and if you miss that one, they are also playing at the Buffalo Bar, Wednesday 20 March.

This was my favourite track from their set, Crack Gun Pete

EP Review – The Graphic – Get Graphic

The Graphic

Get Graphic – The Graphic’s debut EP gets to a great energetic start with In Case Of Emergency, a perfectly crafted rock song with a catchy chorus and a guitar riff that will remain in your head for a long time.

The band’s grunge influences can be heard on Mystery Woman and Kill Kenny, both songs have a Pearl Jam feel to them, whilst still sounding modern and current.

Six Feet Under, is in my opinion, a definite contender for a second single, with another catchy energetic guitar riff and a great beat in the same style of In Case Of Emergency.

We Are The Ghosts, is the longest track, running over seven minutes and stands out because of its theatrical guitar riff and strong rock opera feel, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. If anything, it highlights how varied the band’s influences truly are.

In short, this is an impressive debut for a band who have been together for less than a year, something that is hard to believe when you listen to the EP. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on, and catch live, and speaking of that, they will be playing their first headlining gig, this coming Thursday, 14 February at Camden’s Barfly. Don’t miss it!

You can listen to the EP here, and after you do, buy it here  to get a signed limited edition copy for only a fiver! It’s a great way to support new music.

Check out their video for their single, In Case of Emergency…