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A Musical Journey – 1995

1995 was the year Richey Edwards, rhythm guitarist for the Manic Street Preachers  disappeared, never to be seen again. Whilst the band was never one of my favourites,  Richey’s disappearance is something I have never forgotten.

Musically speaking, it was a great year in the UK.  Britpop was alive and kicking with the rivalry between Oasis and Blur, and both bands had best-selling albums on the charts. Oasis with (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?  and Blur with The Great Escape.

As much as I liked both albums, my choice of song is  by another English band.

Just by Radiohead, from their brilliant album The Bends, which blew me away.
Released in March of that year, it was only the second studio album by the band.

A bit of trivia, Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is from Wellinborough, Northamptonshire.  Same place Peter Murphy is from.